Multi-Tribal Celebration

Don't miss the language demonstrations, native hymns, social stickball game and cultural demonstrations from Chickasaw and other Native tribes.

*Activities throughout the day in the Living Village
Dance Area 1   Dance Area 2
10.00AM CN Dance Troupe   10:00AM Aztec Dancers
10:30AM OKC Dance Troupe   10:30AM Creek Nation Singers
11:00AM Choctaw Nation    11:00AM RIS Apache Crown Dancers
11:30AM Aztec Dancers   11:30AM Wichita Singers
12:00PM Creek Nation Singers   12:00PM Kevin Connywerdy/Hoop Dancer
12:30PM RIS Plains Dancers   12:30PM Anadarko Dance Group
1:00PM RIS Apache Crown Dancers   1:00PM Caddo Hasinai Society
1:30PM Wichita Singers   1:30PM Salt River Pima Maricopa 
1:45PM Kevin Connywerdy/Hoop Dancer   2:00PM OKC Dance Troupe
2:15PM Middle Creek #2   2:30PM CN Dance Troupe
2:30PM Anadarko Dance Group   3:00PM RIS Plains Dancers
3:00PM Salt River Pima Maricopa    3:30PM Choctaw Nation 
3:30PM Linda Bear/Seminole Storyteller   4:00PM Middle Creek #2
4:00PM Caddo Hasinai Society   4:30PM Linda Bear/Seminole Storyteller
4:30PM Aztec Dancers          
Food Samples   Demonstrations
Banaha   Cherokee Baskets/ Betty Frogg
Pashofa    Shawl Maker/ Sandra Carillo
3 Sisters Stew   Silversmith/Jewelry/ Pricilla Ration
Shokha' (Hog Meat)    Navajo Regalia/ Lana Johnson
Long Neck Pumpkin & Sweet Corn Soup   Weapons/ Choctaw Nation
Fry Bread & Salt Meat   Cultural/ Choctaw Nation
Cvtvhakv (Blue Bread)   Facepainting 
Ecko (Corn Soup)   Aztec Demo
Cvse (Pumpkin Soup)           
Squirrel Stick     

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