Ithana: The Learn and Lunch Series

  • Noon - 1 p.m.
    Aaittafama building - Room A

  • 💲Reservations required
    Presentation is free and open to the public
    Lunch option - $5

The Chickasaw Cultural Center will host Ithana: The Learn and Lunch Series Wednesday, June 26, at noon in the Aaittafama building, Room A.

This month’s topic, The Cemetery Preservation Program: More Than a Manicure, will be presented by Marco Micozzi. The Chickasaw Nation Cemetery Preservation Program maintains and preserves over 100 properties. Since its onset in 1998 as a summer youth program, the Cemetery Preservation Program has seen recent exponential growth due to several factors that you will learn about during this presentation. In addition, you will be introduced to the process of how a cemetery is approved for maintenance and preservation and what services are provided. 

Presentation is free and open to the public. Attendees may choose to purchase the $5 lunch option. This week's lunch consists of a gourmet sandwich, pasta salad, pashofa, cookie and a drink.

Reservations are required - please contact the Special Events Department at 580-622-7130 or
*IDP credit is available for Chickasaw Nation employees who attend.

About the Speaker: 
A transplant from Baltimore, Maryland, Marco came to Oklahoma to finish his education at the University of Oklahoma in geotechniques and biogeography and ultimately follow his passion for teaching and research. After 15 years teaching in Department of Cartography and Geography and serving as NASA’s institutional representative for the Space Grant Program at East Central University, Marco brought his passion for teaching and research to the Cemetery Preservation Program and finds great satisfaction connecting current generations of Chickasaws with their ancestors.   

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