Chickasaw Cultural Center




Tips for Visiting

Please take a moment to read the following tips for getting the most out of your visit and for keeping the Cultural Center as beautiful and vibrant as possible.


  Personal Belongings
Upon entrance, all bags are subject to possible security inspection. No glass items, controlled substances or weapons of any kind are allowed on the CCC campus.
  Lost & Found
Please inquire about lost items at the Lost & Found in the Welcome Center and Souvenir Gift Shop..
  Mobility Access

All galleries and facilities are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Free wheelchairs are provided for guests to use, and golf carts are available for those with mobility issues.


The Chikasha Inchokka’ Traditional Village, Kochcha’ Aabiniili’ Amphitheater and Chickasaw Nation Honor Garden will be closed during inclement weather.

The CCC has tornado shelters and safety plans in place for severe weather warnings.


Still photography for personal use is permitted throughout the campus. However, flash photography is prohibited in all exhibits and galleries.

Video recording is permitted for personal use only.

No photographs or recordings may be distributed without Chickasaw Cultural Center permission.

  Food and Drinks

Outside food and drinks are not permitted on campus, including the Chickasaw Nation Honor Garden and Traditional Village and Amphitheaters.

Food and drinks are permitted only in the Café and designated dining areas.

  No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any of the indoor or outdoor exhibits or galleries.

Designated smoking areas are located in the parking lot.