Chickasaw Cultural Center






Chickasaw Cultural Center for Families


Visiting with the Family

The Chickasaw Cultural Center is the perfect place to build relationships with history, with culture, with family.



The Chickasaw Cultural Center offers a diverse history of our people. It’s the perfect place to introduce children to their ancestors.

Through rich, colorful interactive exhibits, history comes alive in a tangible way. With walk-through exhibits, live storytellers and hands-on classes, kids can learn and still be entertained.

School classes are welcomed! Please see Groups for more information.


Elders of the tribe are an important part of the center, too. As the bearers of our legacy and culture, they are encouraged to share their stories and memories. And as Chickasaw citizens, admission to the Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center is always free.

For those wanting to dig a little deeper, they can research their genealogy records and request access to the archives at the Holisso Research Center.


The Aaimpa’ Café serves traditional Chickasaw fare and American specialties—there’s something for every taste. The menu features appetizers, entrees, salads, sandwiches, soups, children’s meals and desserts.

Don't miss the traditional dishes served by the Cafe: grape dumplings, Indian fry bread, buffalo dishes, Indian tacos and pishofa.

Please pre-order group meals 48 hours in advance.


The center’s sprawling grounds are striped with smooth concrete walking paths, ensuring that strollers and wheelchairs can access the campus and exhibits.

For more accessibility information, visit Tips for Visiting.