Chickasaw Cultural Center







Dining and Shopping

The CCC offers full dining and shopping venues that feature traditional Chickasaw recipes and wares.



Aaimpa’ Café

The Aaimpa’ Café (“a place to eat”) serves traditional Chickasaw fare and American specialties—there’s something for every taste. The menu features appetizers, entrees, salads, sandwiches, soups, lunch specials, children’s meals and desserts.

On special occasions, you can try the grape dumplings, Indian fry bread, buffalo dishes, Indian tacos and pishofa. Seasonally, taste foods like wild greens, possum grapes and wild onions.

The Cafe's grill is open Monday through Friday from 11:00-3:00, Saturday from 11:00-4:00, and Sunday from 12:00-4:00. Drinks and cookies can be purchased in the Cafe every day until 4:00.

Aachompa’ Gallery Gift Shop

The Aachompa’ (“a place to buy things”) Gallery Gift Shop is a store and art gallery near the entrance of the CCC. Find everything from beautiful hand-made Chickasaw works of art like paintings and flutes to souvenirs, books and gifts. This building also houses the administration office of the CCC staff. This building also houses the Welcome Center.

Find items to remember your trip to the Chickasaw Cultural Center: pens, pencils, post cards, stationery, mugs and cups, t-shirts and apparel, blankets, toys and puzzles, music, Bedré chocolate, books and jewelry.