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Chikasha Inchokka’
Traditional Village

The Chikasha Inchokka’ Traditional Village, a historically accurate village, takes us back in time to native Chickasaw communities; it includes many of the structures central to daily life—the council house, two summer houses, two winter houses, a corn crib, ceremonial mound and traditional stockade fence.


The village features a number of traditional Chickasaw houses, as well as special grounds for stomp dancing and stickball. Classes are offered in Chickasaw language, woodworking, pottery, weaving and other crafts.

The large council house is 3,000 sq. feet and stands nearly three stories tall.

Two summer houses, approximately 300 sq. feet each, feature vented eaves to promote the circulation of air.

Two round winter houses have a circular entrance and a wall system designed like a snail's shell to retain heat.

A raised corn crib stands four feet off the ground to protect stores of grain from moisture and intruders.

The Village also features a replica mound about 20 feet tall, and the whole village is surrounded by a wood post stockade fence.