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Stomp Dance
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Stomp Dance and
Removal Corridor

After the Spirit Forest, you’ll enter the Removal Hallway and later, the Stomp Dance area. These two interactive displays tell the story of the Chickasaw removal from our southeastern homelands and our ability to dance and sing amidst turmoil.



Chickasaws were evicted from their land in the southeastern United States beginning in 1837. The removal experience portrays our “Trail of Tears”—the painful journey from the Tupelo, Mississippi, area to the south-central plains of Oklahoma.

Lighting and audio effects move with you from a verdant spring in Tupelo to the bleak winter landscape of Oklahoma. Along the way, paintings, sculptures, sound effects and background voices paint the pain of the journey. Look up and you’ll see the sky changing with the day and the season.

Stomp Dance

This interactive experience places you in the inner circle of a stomp dance. Larger-than-life dancers appear to move with you as you make your way around the sacred fire.

Location: The Removal and Stomp Dance displays are located in the Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center.