Chickasaw Cultural Center


Spirit Forest

The Spirit Forest, an interactive audio-visual display, is a timeless reminder of Chickasaws’ powerful relationship with our natural world: the hills, streams, wildlife and woods of the Southeastern homelands and our current home in south-central Oklahoma.

Chickasaws traditionally believe that humans, animals, birds and smaller creatures of the forest are interconnected with each other and the great rhythms, sounds and cycles of the forest.

The Spirit Forest, at 2,500 square feet, is the largest exhibit within the Chickasaw Cultural Center. The forest is alive with more than 170 lights and 60 sensory effects. Like being in a real forest, the theatrical lighting and soundscape passes from day to night in 20 minutes. Visitors journey from sunset colors into night, and the forest comes alive with wildlife sounds as the stars light up above the forest canopy.


Location: The Spirit Forest is located in the Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center.