Chickasaw Cultural Center





Exhibit Gallery

The Exhibit Gallery showcases the tools, papers, pottery, clothes and jewelry of our people; the winding trail of exhibits is arranged on a timeline from past to present.


The objects in the Exhibit Gallery are presented in displays or on large cedar podiums. Historical objects, graphic and text panels, and various reproductions form an elaborate tapestry of our history.

Throughout the exhibits, there are interactive treasures to help educate and entertain as you make your way through our history:

Spirit Lesson Stations

Five Spirit Lesson Stations featuring short films about Chickasaw culture are placed throughout the Exhibit Hall, and they sense your presence and begin playing just for you. From herbal medicine and traditional foods to the Chickasaw creation story and cane flutes, you’ll see the artifacts in our gallery come to life in their traditional capacities.

Language Learning Stations

You can interact with each Language Learning Station and learn Chikashshanompa’, the Chickasaw language. By touching the copper disc at each station, you learn about our culture, food, plants, clothing and ceremonial items like drums and rattles. After hearing the item named in Chickasaw, you’ll repeat the word into the microphone and compare your pronunciation to that of the fluent Chickasaw speaker.

Location: The Exhibit Gallery is located in the Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center.