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Anoli’ Theater Overview


Anoli' Theater

The Anoli’ Theater features giant screen and historically epic films. The cutting-edge theater showcases everyday family movies, as well as Chickasaw and Native-themed films. With showings every day and special premieres throughout the year, the Anoli’ Theater is the place for Native American film.


The 350-person Anoli’ (“stories”) Theater features a 2,400 square foot screen—as large as the foundation of a mid-size home. The 60-foot wraparound screen displays images that seem to surround the audience. A digital surround sound system adds to the visual experience.

This state-of-the-art theater features high-definition film capabilities, including a new 2K, high-definition projector and a 22,000-watt sound system.

Ever-changing programming includes film and art festivals, lecture series, cultural presentations, regalia fashion shows, and question-and-answer sessions with producers and directors of films.

The theater now features Saturday night films at
6:30 p.m. For a schedule of movies, visit Anoli’ Theater.