Chickasaw Cultural Center





Kochcha’ Aabiniili' Amphitheater

At the heart of the Chickasaw Cultural Center, the Kochcha’ Aabiniili' Amphitheater hosts many of the events that are integral to Chickasaw heritage, events like storytelling and singing.


The Kochcha’ Aabiniili' (“outdoor seating”) Amphitheater is the place where our culture lives day to day among our people and our guests.


The 320-person, tiered performance area hosts a variety of communal activities: lectures, plays, storytelling, craft presentations, cultural ceremonies, and more.

The amphitheater also hosts the Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe, living history performances, and concerts fromthe Chickasaw Children’s Choir and gospel groups.

For ticket information and showtimes, visit Anoli’ Theater