Chickasaw Cultural Center





Sky Pavilion and Traditional Village Overview
Classes and Hands-on Learning
Chickasaws Are River People


Chikasha Inchokka'
Traditional Village

This historically accurate village takes you back in time to native Chickasaw villages. It includes many of the structures central to daily life – the council house, two summer houses, two winter houses, a corn crib, ceremonial mound and traditional stockade fence.


The Chikasha Inchokka’ (“Chickasaw house”) Traditional Village is a one-of-a-kind recreation of a real Chickasaw village. The structures, made from native woods and river cane, house a variety of activities and classes.


  • Tours and living village performances
  • Traditional Spiral Garden
  • Demonstrations of regalia, archery, and cooking
  • Master classes and language lessons
  • Stomp dance, stickball and chunkey games
  • Storytelling and hymn singing
  • Cultural classes and featured instructor presentations
  • Food festivals