Multi-Tribal Celebration

Don't miss the language demonstrations, native hymns, social stickball game and cultural demonstrations from Chickasaw and other Native tribes.

*Activities throughout the day in the Living Village
Dance Area 1   Dance Area 2
10.00AM CN Dance Troupe   10:00AM Aztec Dancers
10:30AM OKC Dance Troupe   10:30AM Creek Nation Singers
11:00AM Choctaw Nation    11:00AM RIS Apache Crown Dancers
11:30AM Aztec Dancers   11:30AM Wichita Singers
12:00PM Creek Nation Singers   12:00PM Kevin Connywerdy/Hoop Dancer
12:30PM RIS Plains Dancers   12:30PM Anadarko Dance Group
1:00PM RIS Apache Crown Dancers   1:00PM Caddo Hasinai Society
1:30PM Wichita Singers   1:30PM Salt River Pima Maricopa 
1:45PM Kevin Connywerdy/Hoop Dancer   2:00PM OKC Dance Troupe
2:15PM Middle Creek #2   2:30PM CN Dance Troupe
2:30PM Anadarko Dance Group   3:00PM RIS Plains Dancers
3:00PM Salt River Pima Maricopa    3:30PM Choctaw Nation 
3:30PM Linda Bear/Seminole Storyteller   4:00PM Middle Creek #2
4:00PM Caddo Hasinai Society   4:30PM Linda Bear/Seminole Storyteller
4:30PM Aztec Dancers          
Food Samples   Demonstrations
Banaha   Cherokee Baskets/ Betty Frogg
Pashofa    Shawl Maker/ Sandra Carillo
3 Sisters Stew   Silversmith/Jewelry/ Pricilla Ration
Shokha' (Hog Meat)    Navajo Regalia/ Lana Johnson
Long Neck Pumpkin & Sweet Corn Soup   Weapons/ Choctaw Nation
Fry Bread & Salt Meat   Cultural/ Choctaw Nation
Cvtvhakv (Blue Bread)   Facepainting 
Ecko (Corn Soup)   Aztec Demo
Cvse (Pumpkin Soup)           
Squirrel Stick     

Upcoming Events

  • All Day

    Come explore the life of Mary “Te Ata” Thompson Fisher and her journey to become one of the most influential Native American storytellers of all time. View artifacts owned and worn by Te Ata, as...

    Feb. 5 - Sep. 3 Te Ata Exhibit
  • 12:00PM

    LIVING VILLAGE: NOON - 4:30 P.M. (weather permitting)

    Anoli Theater
    12:30 p.m. Behind the Scenes (film)
    1:00 p.m. First Encounter (film)
    2:00 p.m. Stomp Dance Demonstration 
    2:30 p.m. We...

    Feb. 18 Sunday
  • 10:00AM

    In observance of President's Day, the Chickasaw Cultural Center campus will be closed Monday, Feb. 19. The Chickasaw Cultural Center will reopen for regular business hours Tuesday, Feb....

    Feb. 19 Monday