Chickasaw Cultural Center


Our Logo

The Chickasaw Cultural Center (CCC) is built upon the stories, leaders, symbols and practices of our heritage. These are represented throughout the campus in our logo: the spiral, the eye, and the sun. These three designs are found on the pottery, gorgets and shell engravings of the ancient people of the southeastern United States from whom the Chickasaw people descended.

The spiral symbolizes the wind, which represents life’s journey from birth to the afterlife. Like the wind, our people and our tribe have made many journeys over land, across time and through culture.
This symbol represents the "ogee" or the all-seeing eye; it signifies the Chickasaw point of view and how we observe the world.
The sun is an ancient symbol that signifies rebirth or renewal. It also represents the giver of light and the heavenly realm.

Look closely, and you’ll see these symbols integrated into clever places and open spaces all across the campus.